Börje Skohg for Gustavsberg

Unique wall plaque painted with silver paste.
Börje Skohg (1923 - 2006) worked for Gustavsberg between 1947 and 1987. For more than ten years he decorated Wilhelm Kåges famous Argenta series with silver patterns. Börje Skohg took the silver painting several steps further when he started to decorate stones with silver paste and create almost surrealistic pictures on stoneware plaques.
Gustavsberg studiohand  Skohg, painted on the backside.
Framed. Frame is slightly worn.
Size: 37 x 23,5 cm (14.6" x 9.3")
Weight: 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)

Price: 2500 SEK
No. 4712